Burberry Productions is the production entity of Producer and Executive Producer, Ewan Burnett.

Burberry Productions has a strong track record in the development and production of high-quality programs for the Australian and international markets. Following it's establishment in 1999, Burberry produced and co-produced over 170 hours of television across a number of genres including children's series, mini-series, telemovies, sketch comedy, prime-time drama and animation. Burberry also produced for the theatre.

Burberry programs have won a BAFTA, an EMMY, three AFI Awards, four ATOM Awards, a LOGIE and two AWGIE awards. They have also been nominated for many other awards.

Burberry Productions is no longer active in production and is not seeking new projects for development. It will, however, continue as an Executive Production company and will also continue to provide the services of Ewan Burnett as Producer or Executive Producer and as a Consultant to other companies.