Burberry Productions is the production entity of Producer and Executive Producer, Ewan Burnett.

Burberry Productions has a strong track record in the development and production of high-quality programs for the Australian and international markets. Following it's establishment in 1999, Burberry produced and co-produced over 170 hours of television across a number of genres including children's series, mini-series, telemovies, sketch comedy, prime-time drama and animation. Burberry also produced for the theatre.

Burberry programs have won a BAFTA, an EMMY, three AFI Awards, four ATOM Awards, a LOGIE and two AWGIE awards. They have also been nominated for many other awards.

Burberry Productions remains active in production and is currently developing a feature film, a mini-series and a children’s comedy/drama series. It is not, however, looking for new projects and will not accept unsolicited material.