Concept by Barbara Slade

The Story
Dead Gorgeous, a 13-part television series for the 8 to 12 year olds. It follows the hilarious adventures of three teenage sisters as they adapt to life in the 21st century –
as ghosts!

The Ainsworth sisters, Rebecca, Sophie and Hazel died in the mid 1800s and are given a second chance to experience life as teenagers 150 years later, under the guidance of their ghostly guardian, Agatha. The girls return to their stately home to find it is now Ainsbury House, an international co-ed boarding school. Here they must survive amongst the living, without being discovered and deal with a clash of culture and manners.

No matter how hard they try to blend in with the crowd, Rebecca, Sophie and Hazel trying to find ways to halt the building work and in doing so is possessed by a ghost with a score to settle. It’s a race against time for her sister’s to save her from the power of another and almost certain expulsion.

Episode 1 : 150 Years Later Emma Reeves
Episode 2 : Dying To Belong : Holly Phillips
Episode 3 : Sister's In Mind : Emma Reeves
pisode 4 : Gold : Gez Foster
Episode 5 : Law Of The Jungle : Peter Templeman
Episode 6 : The Baharee : Toby Davies & Chris Pell
Episode 7 : Hazel's Tree : Holly Phillips
Episode 8 : Re-Living History : Sarah Rosetti
Episode 9 : Friend In Deed : Holy Phillips
Episode 10 : Grendel's Cold : Holly Phillips
Episode 11 : Smoke & Mirrors : Sarah Rosetti
Episode 12 : Love's First Kiss : Sam Carroll
Episode 13 : Old Ghosts : Kirstie Falkous

Producer Margot McDonald

Directors Stephen Johnson (Eps 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11 & 12)
and Wayne Blair (Eps 4, 7, 8 & 13)

Melissa Howard as Rebecca Ainsworth Aisha Dee as Christine
Poppy Lee Friar as Sophie Ainsworth Stella Silagy as Mattie
Alexandra Coppinger as Hazel Ainsworth Gerry Connolly as Mr Griffith
Blake Davis as Jonathan Julie Forsyth as Haiwyn Sinclaire
Chris Milligan as David Julie Eckersley as Agatha Heggleby
Jay Kennedy Harris as Charlie

The Crew

Executive Producers Ewan Burnett and Julian Scott

Producer Margot McDonald

Associate Producer Barbara Slade

Directors Stephen Johnson and Wayne Blair

Production Designer Peta Lawson

Director of Photography Leilani Hanna

Costume Designer Louise McCarthy

Make-up Supervisor Anna Karpinski

Picture Editors Bjorn Johnson and Cory Augustyn

Composer Jan Skubiszewski

VFX Supervisor Thomas Parkinson

Script Department Becky Evans and May Gibson


Distributor Cake Entertainment

Awards and Nominations
Dead Gorgeous was nominated for an AFI Award for Best Children's Television Drama and was an ATOM Awards 2010 Finalist for Children's Television Production.

At the 2011 TV Week Logie Awards, the production was also nominated for Best Children's Television Series.

Press Clippings
Sunday Tasmanian, 4 April 10
'Living ghosts in class of their own'

Sydney Morning Herald, 5 April 10
'Dead Gorgeous has everything offered by iCarly, with the bonus of Aussie accents'

Sun Herald, 4 April 10
'In Good Spirits, three ghostly girls get a second chance at life in Dead Gorgeous'

Sunday Herald Sun, 4 April 10
'Ghostly and Gorgeous'

The Age, 5 April 10
'Dead Gorgeous is a delightful piece of television'

The Age Green Guide, 1 April 10
'Haunting the Halls, ghostly girls take lessons in life and laughter'

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