The story is a 26 x half hour children's series produced for the BBC, Ten Network Australia and Fireworks.

Teenager Fergus McPhail and his irrationally optimistic alter-ego stumble from crisis to crisis mostly of their own making. The stories cover a year in his life, showcasing Fergus at home with his erratic family, at school among friends, at play and sometimes, just sometimes, having a win in the steeplechase of adolescence.

Producer Alan Hardy

Writer David McRobbie

Directors Adrian Holmes, Jean-Pierre Mignon, Declan Eames, Jeffrey Walker,
Elise McCredie and David Cameron

Starring Sean Ohlendorf, Michael Harrison, Brett Swain, Tammy McCarthy, Jess Jacobs, Miriam Glaser, Heli Simpson, Megan Harrington, Marcus Costello and Steven Bahnsen

Distributor Content Media Corp


Press Clippings
The Age, Green Guide, 29 January 2004
'Finally, a teen production that doesn't patronise its audience or leave everyone over the age of 15 slack-jawed with boredom at the paucity of acting and dialogue.'

'Fergus McPhail is a little gem of a show, an insouciant model of the hybrid comedy/drama at its best.'

'With snappy dialogue that doesn't assume the audience's collective intelligence is in single digits, and cute performances from all the leads, Fergus is quite a find.'

The Age, Green Guide, 12 February 2004
'Fergus McPhail is one of those hapless, loveable television kids we all need in our lives.'

'For children, he's someone to identify with: on the cusp of puberty and experiencing all the melodramatic highs and lows that daily life can dish up when you're about 13. For adults, it's great to watch such a lively script, a series that uses actors of all ages and throws in plots that consider the complexities of life from a senior citizen's point of view.'

'This is another entertaining offering from the production house that delivered the excellent children's series Short Cuts.'

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