The story is a 22 x 1 hour drama series produced for the Seven Network in Australia and TVNZ in New Zealand. The show commenced screening in New Zealand on 1st April 2005, and on the Seven Network during the second half of the year..

Being a young Aussie bloke can be a little like sitting in the waiting room of life. Even with the awkwardness and rebellion of adolescence now but a fading memory, there’s a sense that fully-fledged adulthood can be put off for another day. While the relatively carefree days of university or backpacking the globe have made way for nine-to-five jobs and responsibilities, it’s still a time of grappling with the big questions about what the future holds – and with whom you are going to spend it.

Last Man Standing is a bold, refreshingly candid drama that captures the essence of these restless years through the perspective of three young Aussie blokes. It follows the odyssey of Adam, Cameron and Bruno – their quest to get inside the head of the modern woman, find out where they went wrong in previous relationships and what they’re going to do right next time. Because when it comes time to pick teams, no-one wants to be the last man standing.

Producers Sue Edwards and Marieke Hardy

Writers Marieke Hardy, Rene Zandveld (Ep17), Jeff Truman (Ep20) and Jaime Browne (Ep 14)

Directors Daniel Nettheim, Adrian Holmes, Emma Freeman, Elise McCredie, Steve Jodrell, Jeffrey Walker, Pino Amenta, Grant Brown, Declan Eames & Ian Gilmour

Starring Rodger Corser, Matthew Passmore, Travis McMahon and Miriama Smith

Distributor Digital Rights Group

Press Clippings
RNW Magazine, 2005 Hot New Shows, 7th February 2005
'With a great cast including former McLeod’s Daughters star Rodger Corser (who, as well as being talented, is incredibly easy on the eye) we’re sure this will be a winner.'

The Age, Green Guide... 9th June 2005
''Last Man Standing has the early confidence of a home-town winner… it’s a good laugh and a very welcome respite from American and British cop shows and reality TV.'

Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper, 1st June 2005
''For every guy who has been waiting for a real portrayal of the Aussie male and every girl who wants a little window into what these home-grown blokes are really all about – this might just be the show to check out.’

Herald Sun Newspaper, 22nd June 2005
''Stylish, well-produced, nicely acted Aussie relationship comedy/drama.’

The Daily Telegraph, 27th June 200
''This is a treasure of a show for moments like that when, by playing it straight, it becomes the best comedy on the box’.
‘A wonderful start-of-the-week treat’

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