The story is a 13 x half hour Children's Drama series for TV3, Nine Network Australia, and the BBC.

In a strange post-apocalyptic world, the city of Solis is the centre of human civilisation. But dark forces are at work in Solis. There are rumours of spies and betrayal. And the city is cut off from the solar cells it needs for power. Without power, Solis is doomed.

Solis’ only hope lies with Maddigan’s Quest; a circus troupe that travels the dangerous, shifting roads of their world, visiting outlying communities, performing, entertaining and telling stories. At the heart of the troupe is 13-year-old Garland; reader, rider and tightrope walker and a descendent of the founder of the Quest.

This year the Quest has a secret mission – to make the epic journey to the Silica Mountains and bring back the solar cells that power their city.

When the Quest is attacked, their quest seems doomed to failure. But salvation may lie in two mysterious boys, Eden and Timon, and their baby sister Jewel. Garland learns they are from the future and have travelled back in time to help the Quest. They bring magical powers and a bright hope for humankind that must be protected at all costs.

But Timon and Eden also bring new dangers for Maddigan’s Quest in the form of foreboding warriors, determined to capture the boys. And Garland begins to fear that there are more enemies – within the Quest itself.

As they journey through the spectacular landscape, Garland must use all her ingenuity to keep the visitors safe. Her actions will decide the fate of her world, its future, and the lives of those she loves.

Producers South Pacific Pictures in association with Burberry Productions

Writers Margaret Mahy, Gavin Strawhan and Rachel Lang

Directors Charlie Haskell, Geoff Cawthorn, Peter Burger and Vanessa Alexander

Starring Rose McIver, Jordan Metcalfe, Danielle Cormack, Tim Balme, Michael Hurst, Peter Daube, Rawiri Pene, Olivia Tennet, Zac Fox, Rachel House, Hori Ahipene,
Mark Nua, Jack Campbell, Bronwyn Baker and Ben Cooper

Distributor All3Media

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