The story is a 26 x half hour children's drama series, based on the highly successful books by English writer, Rose Impey.
Produced for Southern Star, the Nine Network Australia, Nickelodeon and ITV, in association with IWC Media (Wark Clements) and Rialto Films.

Producer Jan Tyrell

Writers Rose Impey, Ellie Beaumont, Chris Kunz, David Phillips, Marieke Hardy,
Meg Mappin, David Hannam, Piers Hobson, Kirsty Fisher, Fiona Wood, Louise LeNay, John Davies, Meaghan Smith, Sue Hore, Jessica Ractliffe, Sarah Rossetti and
Anthony Morris

Directors Arnie Custo, Catherine Millar, Michael Pattinson and Kate Woods

Starring Cailtin Stasey, Ashleigh Chisholm, Eliza Cotter, Basia A'Hern, Hannah Wong, Blake Hampson, Stefan La Rosa and Ryan Corr

Distributor Endemol Distribution

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