Episode 1 – Jingle Bells
Leaving his unsuspecting family for an emergency 'job', standover man, Tony Piccolo, is forced to collect from an old friend in what becomes the Christmas from hell.

Episode 2 – The Yips
Tony loses his nerve on a job, only to be saved by his new apprentice – the boss' son, while back home, Cathy bonds with her hunky neighbour and daughter Mel embarks on a dangerous romance.

Episode 3 – Dangerous Talk
Collecting from a low-life client, Tony's nerves desert him again, leading to an unwise confession. Meanwhile, Cathy's friendship with Brent takes a new turn when he turns up at a family BBQ.

Episode 4 – Who's Got The RPG?
Suspicious, Cathy follows Tony and finds him with Darlene. Trying to calm her, Tony confesses all, but she thinks he's lying until he's forced to take her on a job with explosive consequences.

Episode 5 – Suburban Beatdown
Trying to cope on her own, Cathy and the kids get an unwelcome visitor. Meanwhile, Tony employs an unusual tactic to extract payment from a client and enjoys a racy night out with Darlene and Steve.

Episode 6 – The Last Post
When Tony wants ‘out’, Les decides to take matters into his own hands, despite the consequences. Meanwhile, Mel and Charlie rekindle their romance, while Tony’s temper erupts at Matt’s soccer match.

Episode 7 – Stand and Deliver
Under pressure from Barry to deliver monies owed, Tony, Darlene and Steve accept a dangerous job. But with tension mounting, can Darlene and Steve be trusted or is Tony walking into a trap?

Episode 8 – Vengeance
Tony receives bad news about Les from an unlikely source and decides to confront his demons once and for all. But nothing goes as planned and he finds himself facing the biggest decision of his life.

More episode synopses will follow as they are screened